Energy Management

Energy Management

Understanding & accurately calculating your facilities energy consumption and carbon output is the first step Interact provides in developing and implementing an energy management programme that will result in the immediate and measurable reduction of your operational costs.

We monitor energy usage across all utilities; water, gas, electricity, steam, compressed air and ventilation systems for both building and manufacturing processes throughout your facility, pinpointing opportunities for improved efficiencies.

We devise and operate a programme to target these areas in accordance with international best practice standard of EN16001.

Our Energy Management methodologies include:

  • Interval Metering systems
  • Thermal imaging
  • Setting of achievable energy targets
  • Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA)
  • Staff awareness and training
  • Provide Auditable reports

Because managing & lowering your energy consumption and carbon output is an ongoing process, Interact can also analyse your facilities data at regular intervals so as to maintain your Energy Management Program and provide a structured approach to continuously improve your energy performance and ensure longer term cost savings.
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Philip Murphy

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