Planned Preventative Maintenance

Interact’s Planned Preventive Maintenance maximises the performance and value of your capital investment. In doing so, we ensure your facility operates efficiently in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. We significantly reduce the risk of emergency breakdown and enable accurate forecasting of expenditure & life cycle assessment.

Our testing and servicing is carried out in line with recognised industry standards, namely SFG20, manufacturers’ recommendations, statutory and mandatory requirements. This application of the correct maintenance strategy through our highly skilled Interact team will dramatically improve the operational efficiency and environmental impact of your facility.

Interact’s On-Line Client Portal is an innovative scheduling and resource management system which delivers planned, reviewed, resourced, reported and costed PPM. Read more.
For further information please contact:
Jennifer McCullagh

T: + 353 (0)1 626 1977
E: jmccullagh@lynchinteract.com