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Why Choose Interact?

Our unrivalled experience and level of service enables us to create and maintain an efficient, comfortable environment; and at the same time, maximise the value and return associated with our clients’ assets.

Through continual education and skill updates, we ensure that our employees are able to meet and exceed industry standards and best practices. Investing in our Interact team of almost 100 people is in keeping with our mission to deliver business excellence.

Our expertise spans a wide array of sectors including:

  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Leisure / Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Public
  • Retail

We understand your need to identify and manage your corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability. We enable companies develop initiatives and implement strategies that respond to changing regulations while maintaining competitive advantage and financial performance.

Through a combination of Planned Preventative Maintenance programmes, systematic inspections, correction of incipient failures and our reactive emergency response team we help you achieve efficient, cost effective management of your capital asset.

We are the leading Irish owned Facilities Support and Building Fabric service provider, our regional expertise and market competence is delivered to you countrywide.